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3 Types of Sealcoating

All sealcoating consists of four essential components. Most of it is a binder that protects the asphalt. The binder also gives sealcoating its beautiful color and helps it bond to the pavement underneath. Another critical component is the filler and clay. This part of the mixture helps improve the strength of the sealcoating. The third part of every sealcoating combination is water as it is the medium that keeps all the other components stable and allows workers to put the sealcoating down smoothly. The final part is specialty chemicals that are designed to increase ultraviolet protection, helps the sealcoating repel water, and can make the sealcoating more flexible. While all sealcoating has the same four necessary components, you need to choose the type of sealcoating that best meets your needs.

Refined Tar-based Sealcoating

Refined Tar-based sealcoating has a highly refined coal tar base that is a byproduct of when workers refine coal to make steel. There are several advantages to this base, including the fact that weather seldom hurts it and it is exempt from damage from the sun’s rays. In the Orlando area, people often choose it because salt cannot harm it. Many commercial parking lot owners also prefer it because petroleum-based products or other components leaking from the bottom of automobiles cannot harm it.

Specialty Resin

While companies will not release their proprietary blends, there are several different formulas available. These sealcoating blends usually have a refined tar-base with unique ingredients added to them so that they perform better. A popular one used in the Orlando market enhances sealcoating protecting done by the sun’s rays. Other options enhance protection from petroleum-based products, salts, and fats. Talk to a sealcoating expert in Orlando to find out about these resins that they can add to refined tar-based sealcoating. These resins sometimes help the sealcoating last for a longer time meaning you will not have to repeat the process again soon.

Asphalt Emulsion-based Sealcoating

Workers make asphalt emulsion-based sealcoating from either hot asphalt or pre-emulsified asphalt. They do a great job of fixing cracks and keeping them from appearing in the first place. Asphalt emulsion-based sealcoating, however, offers no protection from petroleum-based products. Therefore, rubber polymers or other chemicals are often added to enhance its performance.

When you are ready to have a sealcoating in Orlando project done, call Florida Sealcoating. The first step is to get a free estimate that examines many different factors that will affect the success of your sealcoating project, including the type of sealcoating that someone has chosen in the past. Then, these experts on sealcoating in Orlando will help you plan for the project and set a date. In many cases, workers can complete the sealcoating process overnight, so there is no interruption to your daytime routine. Once the time arrives, these experts will prepare your area and apply the new sealcoating. Call them today to start the process.