Tips to prepare your asphalt for winter

Tips to prepare your asphalt for winter

Tips to prepare your asphalt for winter

Winter is here, and while we try as much as possible to stay indoors all through the day to avoid the cold, our parking lots and driveways do not have that option. They are fated to bear the conditions without as much as a steaming cup of tea to keep them warm. Of course, you cannot pick up your parking lot and take it inside every time a storm comes, you can, however, follow some tips to protect it from the effects of winter such as Sealcoating in Orlando. Check out some of the other things you can do to prepare your driveway for winter.

1. Ensure it is clean all the time.

Oil and water are the major factors that weaken the asphalt surface. If you let oil and water stay for too long on your driveway, their combination makes the asphalt vulnerable to the dampness that comes with the winter season such as ice and snow. When oil spills on it, clean it immediately with soap and water before it penetrates to do any damage. Also, when you notice that your parking lot is muddy, wash off the mud. Florida Sealcoating, an expert in Sealcoating in Orlando also recommends that you sweep your pavement often to avoid wear and tear caused by gravel.

2. Patch it.

You do not want to worry about repairing potholes and crack this winter. We expect that you have made moves to fix your asphalt before winter came because it is much easier to do during the warmer seasons. Sealcoating in Orlando should have done the job to avoid any expensive repairs in the coming spring.

3. Check the drains

The drains are there for a reason - to drive water away from your asphalt. No matter how much Sealcoating in Orlando you do, without proper drainage, your efforts will amount to nothing. Therefore, you must always check the drains to see if they are working well and water is flowing into them without hindrance. You do not want the excess water from melted snow to pool on your pavement.

4. Sealcoat the lot.

Carry out sealcoating in Orlando on your asphalt. This protects it from the elements. And for the best sealcoating in Orlando, we can help you at Florida Sealcoating.

If you want to repair your asphalt, catty out sealcoating in Orlando and paving on your lot or pavement, get in touch with us at Florida Sealcoating. We have the tools and experience to protect your driveway from the harsh effects of winter. Give us a call for inquiries and questions, and we will be more than happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.