Crack Filling

Crack Filling

When it comes to keeping your paved area in good condition, you will want to fill any cracks that may occur to prevent more extensive damage. Water can easily seep through these areas of your asphalt and create expensive repairs if you don’t make the necessary crack repairs.

It’s also ideal to consider crack sealing because this can work to stop any damage to your asphalt before it worsens. The good news for you is that crack sealing may be the perfect way to get more mileage out of your asphalt investments.

What is Hot Crack Filling?

Hot crack filling is a commercial grade rubberized DOT approved material used on roadways, parking lots and air strips, it is applied at 350 degrees. All Cracks ½” and larger are recommended to be sealed to prevent further expansion and deterioration.

Choosing Crack Filling in Florida

When it comes to any expense you may incur, you will want to know the advantages of getting the job done. The main one is that doing this can be much less expensive than entirely replacing any or all of your asphalt areas.

Some of the causes of this problem could be the result of structural cracks, surface cracks or cracks in the seam. You will want to be sure to get these fixed as quickly as possible as cracks can turn into potholes if not addressed.

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