Asphalt and the Rain

Asphalt and the Rain

Asphalt and the Rain

If you are a commercial building owner, then you may wonder what happens to your parking lot when it rains. As you have probably noticed, periods of intense rain followed by periods of dry, leaves your parking lot in rough condition. Here is what happens to asphalt when it rains.

Bonds Weaken Between Asphalt Binder and Aggregate

Your pavement is made up of multiple layers. When it rains, water manages to seep in between layers causing stress. Over time, your pavement starts raising up to deal with the stress and cracks may appear. If left alone even longer, then potholes may appear. Not only are these cracks and potholes unsightly, but they can pose a threat to people who must walk across your parking lot. When it gets bad enough, then no one may want to visit your business for fear of tearing up their car.

What Are the Solutions?

The first solution when you see small cracks developing is to get your parking lot sealcoated and cracks sealed with a commercial grade Hot Crack Sealant. Sealcoating in Orlando helps to fill in the cracks that develop giving people a smooth surface to walk and drive on. In fact, getting your parking lot sealcoated before cracks start helps to prevent them in the first place. While sealcoating can be done any time of year, it is best to get it done before the rainy months get here and more damage is done. Go ahead and bump this project off your someday list and put it on the front burner now.

What Else Can You Do?

While sealcoating in Orlando is an important first step, it is not the only step that you need to take. You need to ensure that you have proper parking lot drainage so that the water does not sit on the surface before seeping underneath. Make sure that your parking lot slopes towards the street or other drainage areas. Install asphalt curbing to direct the rainwater in the direction you need it to go. Put in drains and inlets so that water moves away from your pavement. It takes a complete package to keep your parking lot in tip-top condition. Thankfully, the folks at Florida Sealcoating can take care of almost any job involving your parking lot.

Who Should You Call?

The first company that you should call is Florida Sealcoating at (407)942-3681. They have over 20 years of experience sealcoating in Orlando. They understand the importance of doing the job right the first time. You demand a lot of yourself and your employees, and Florida Sealcoating wants to be your partner in serving your customers by making sure that your parking lot looks perfect. Stop and give them a call today as they will be glad to give you a free estimate, and they can take care of many other jobs that need to be done in your parking lot at a very reasonable fee.