4 Common Elements that could be Damaging Your Asphalt

4 Common Elements that could be Damaging Your Asphalt

4 Common Elements that could be Damaging Your Asphalt

Damaged asphalt can bring a lot of frustrations and trouble. Those living in the Midwest will be quite familiar with the troubles of damaged asphalt. You should be aware of the fact that a lot of things goes into sealcoating in Orlando. Apart from spending money, you will definitely spend some time planning and monitoring the process of sealcoating your parkway.

There are some factors that could damage your asphalt. A major factor that has a pronounced effect is the harsh and unpredictable weather. Most asphalt that requires sealcoating in Orlando gets damaged by harsh weather condition. However, you can always guide against asphalt wreckage by identifying the common causes and how you can prevent the identified instigators from destroying your driveway or parking lot. Here are some of the elements that could damage your asphalt:

The sun

The sun is the number one element that has a damaging effect on your asphalt. Despite the fact that asphalt is strong and durable, it can be damage by the ultraviolent rays coming from the sun. Unfortunately, your driveway is exposed to the sun. It will interest you to learn that your parking lot can be protected from the sun in a similar way we use a sunscreen when going outdoor.


The rain is another element that has the capacity to damage your asphalt. Some of the cracks are caused by rain. The asphalt is affected by acid rain. Acid rain can damage the asphalt terribly. The good news is that your parking lot can be protected against the rain just like the sun. An excellent sealcoating in Orlando can make the difference in this regard.

Heavy vehicles

There is tendency of your asphalt cracking under the weight of heavy vehicles. Despite the fact they are designed with strong material that can withstand the weight many vehicles, the asphalt can still be destroyed under the weight of heavy vehicles. A good way around this is to prevent heavy vehicle from coming into your parking lot.

In situation where you can’t prevent the movement of heavy, you can always take some precautions to avoid damage to your driveway. The first precaution you need to take is to make sure the asphalt is properly installed in the first place. Next, in case of cracks, you should immediately for a mean of effectively sealcoating the cracks. If you think heavy vehicle will be constantly making their ways onto your asphalt, you should consider using 41B grade asphalt which is stronger and better in terms of durability.

Oil Spots

One of the worst enemies of asphalt is oil. Their combination is not ideal for a silky smooth driveway. This situation is quite difficult to prevent because the oil leaks out of the vehicle in most cases. To prevent oil related damages, clean up any traces of oil on your asphalt. What is required for a nice cleanup job is to scrub the oil spot with detergent and spray water lavishly on it. You should not forget that sealcoating in Orlando is the best way to prevent your asphalt driveway from the damaging effect of oil.