Consider Additives When Sealcoating

Consider Additives When Sealcoating

Consider Additives When Sealcoating

If you have been talking to an expert in sealcoating in Orlando, and they have suggested using sealcoating with additives in it, then you may be wondering if you are being upsold or being told the truth. It is true that using sealcoating with additives will increase the cost of the project, but the cost of these additives may very well be worth it. Here are some facts you may want to consider.

What are Sealcoating Additives?

There are at least five different types of additives that can be used when sealcoating. Acrylic sealcoating and polyvinyl acetate and acrylic copolymer additives help create a thicker layer and help protect the asphalt surface from UV rays. Rubber additives and chloroprene polymer-based additives help the finished sealcoating resistant surface fluids, like those coming out of the bottom of automobiles.

Quicker Job Completion

Sealcoating jobs can be completed faster when you add additives to the sealcoating mixture. While sealcoating normally dries from the surface down, additives cause it to dry at a uniform speed. This allows workers to put on the second layer of sealcoating quicker meaning you are inconvenienced for a shorter time. If your job requires sealcoating at night, then using additives is almost mandatory because of the quicker drying time. If you are having your asphalt stripped or signs painted on it, then these jobs can start sooner when additives are used.

Creates a More Beautiful Look

Using additives when sealcoating causes the sealcoating to look blacker. This means that the finished job is more aesthetically pleasing. Especially in commercial settings, sealcoating can also add to the safety of your parking lot or other asphalt surfaces because the contrast between the black and other colors is much sharper. Think about the increased safety of your facility when yellow one-way markers and your parking stripes can be more easily seen. Using additives also gives your asphalt surface a more uniform appearance.

Pleasing People

You never have a second chance to make a first impression. That impression forms before your customers ever enter your building by the way that the exterior of your home or business looks. Sealcoating with additives helps your asphalt look better. Therefore, it helps you make a positive first impression. While this can be important in a business setting, it can also help the curb appeal of your home, which can be an important selling factor.

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