Listening to Your Asphalt

Listening to Your Asphalt

Listening to Your Asphalt

While it is obvious that your asphalt does not talk in words that you can hear, it may be screaming for attention based on its current condition. Therefore, if you are a business owner or manager in Orlando, learn what your asphalt areas would be telling you if it could talk.  


If potholes fill your asphalt driveway or parking lot, then it may be trying to tell you about several different issues. It may be trying to tell you that the pavement mixture used was not up to par. It may also be trying to tell you that the drainage has changed, allowing water to stand in those areas. Finally, it may be trying to inform you that the pavement is too thin. Regardless of what it is trying to say, the solution is cut around the pothole and fill with an excellent quality asphalt. You may also need to adjust the drainage to keep the problem from occurring again.  

Base Failure

If you notice extra degradation around the edge of your asphalt area, then your surface may be telling you that the base is failing. Heavy loads on asphalt surfaces can cause asphalt failure, so you may need to erect signs to keep heavy loads off your asphalt. Poor drainage where water has seeped under the asphalt can also cause the base to fail. Unfortunately, in this situation, you will need to remove all asphalt and rebuild the base.  


If you see lots of loose asphalt on your surface, then your asphalt is raveling. You may also notice puddles forming or notice that the area looks very rough. Separation of the asphalt mixture during application is the usual reason this occurs. Weather conditions when workers laid the asphalt can also cause it to ravel. If you are experiencing this problem, then applying a sealant will fix it.  


Regardless if you are seeing a lot of little cracks or noticing one or more large cracks, your asphalt may be telling you taht the mix was put on too dry. It may also be telling you that the soil under the asphalt is drying out. In either case, you can usually seal the asphalt, and it will last for a couple more years.  

Now that you know how to listen to your asphalt, you can take the proper steps to get it back into great shape. Contact Florida Sealcoating about asphalt repair in Orlando. They want to be your local asphalt repair in Orlando experts. Give them a call today to get the process started at your business. Many jobs can be completed overnight causing little disruption to your business. Your property will look fantastic when customers arrive helping you to make a great first impression. Go pick up the phone now to contact Florida Sealcoating.