Preparing for Sealcoating

Preparing for Sealcoating

Preparing for Sealcoating

Sealcoating a Parking lot may be quite difficult, but it worth the stress. Sealcoating in Orlando comes with lots of advantages that justify the hassle involved. The contractors must amend the blemishes in the asphalt surface for effecting sealcoating. These blemishes can interfere negatively with the new surface coating. This is the process involved in preparing a surface for sealcoating in Orlando. Adequate preparation is needed for the success of any sealcoating operation. Here are some great sealcoating preparations:

Crackfilling Using Banding

An excellent way to prepare a surface for seal coating in Orlando is crackfilling. It is the process of filling the existing crack in the present layer of asphalt. Banding is a common type of crackfilling. It involves laying hot rubber on top of the crack. It is not considered as a short-term solution to crackfilling when there is a need to quickly put a cost effective measure in place. Sealcoating can be applied on a banding-filled crack, but it is not the best method for effective result.

Crackfilling using Rout and Fill

Crackfilling using rout and fill is another way of crackfilling. It is a more effective method of crackfilling. This process involves grinding the crack to about half inch wide by half inch deep. By so doing, you are creating a groove in the asphalt for the rubber to sit. This enables the hot rubber to stick and bond to the sides of the groove. After this, the unused rubber is eliminated from the surface of the asphalt, leaving the rubber just below the asphalt.

Cleaned Surface

Another way of getting the surface prepared for seal coating in Orlando is making sure it is completely free from dirt. It is important you clean the surfaces involved and clear off all debris. When the surfaces are cleaned, debris and dirt find their ways under the new seal coating.

It is therefore essential that you employ the services of professional sealcoating crew. They will make sure that your parking lot is cleared of dirt and debris that can interfere with the process of seal coating in Orlando, thereby upsetting the connection of the original surface and the sealcoating.

You must also be aware of the fact that it is important to give enough time for rout and fill crackfilling technique to set and stick with the existing asphalt before going on with the sealcoating.

Safety and security

After the sealcoating process in Orlando has been completed, the crew involved will partition off all exits as well as entrance to the parking lot according to the alternative routes that have agreed upon. This is very important as it ensures that your parking lot is free of cars and other things that might interfere during and after the process of seal coating has taken off. Once done with this process, what is left is laying the new surface layer of your parking lot, giving it time to dry and then adorning it with a parking and traffic line paint.