5 Questions to Ask About a Sealcoating Company in Florida

5 Questions to Ask About a Sealcoating Company in Florida

5 Questions to Ask About a Sealcoating Company in Florida

If you are thinking about having your driveway seal coated, then it can be difficult to choose the right person to complete the job. Here are some questions and the answers you want to hear after asking them.

Do You Have any Reviews?

Companies doing sealcoating in Florida should encourage you to find out more about them. They may point you to Google reviews or Facebook reviews. They may also offer to let you read reviews written about their customers and saved in a file. If you notice any hesitation about you looking at reviews, then move on to another company very quickly.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

You do not want to be the company’s first client because sealcoating is an art that requires practice before you get it right. Even if you do not understand all the technical words, the company’s owner or representative should be able to point to the equipment that they have and their experience operating it. When you do not understand something, then ask for further clarification. You should see a passion from the individual about the service that they are performing.

Do you Have any References?

Companies should have a portfolio of projects they have completed. They should also be willing to share with you names and numbers of satisfied clients. Call some of these clients and ask about the work that the company performed. If you call someone and they act hesitant, then move on to another sealcoating in Florida company. They may not come right out and tell you that there was a problem, but you can usually tell by the way that someone acts. If possible, go visit a couple of job sites in person to see if you like the results.

Will you Give an Itemized Bid?

Do not even waste your time with a company who will not give you a free estimate. Do not, however, stop there. Ask them to itemize that bill, so you can be sure exactly what their bid covers. This ensures that you are comparing the same services between companies. You do not want to get charged with an unexpected amount that is covered in another bid.

Do you Need to be Paid Upfront?

While some companies will require that you pay for the supplies before the job begins, never agree to give the person any of their money before the job is completed. A professional person who does sealcoating expects to be paid at the end of the job. If you pay one in the beginning, then you may never see the work completed.

While you can look at several different companies, the best one for sealcoating in Orlando is Florida Sealcoating. Their experience is far above average, they give free estimates and they welcome you to look at projects they have completed. Give them a call today at (407)942-3681.