What Distresses Asphalt Pavement?

What Distresses Asphalt Pavement?

What Distresses Asphalt Pavement?

Many different things can asphalt pavement to crack, become distorted, or look like it is wearing out. Before you pay someone, like Florida Sealcoating LLC, to pour new asphalt, it is essential to take the time to identify the cause because stopping the reason. This process can help your new pavement last longer.


If the main reason that you are paving your parking lot, driveway, or other area is beacuse of cracks. Then, sealcoating and Hot Crack Sealing  may be the perfect solution, and it can save you lots of money over new pavement. Cracks can occur for many different reasons. Too heavy loads, temperature changes, lack of support at the pavement’s edges, and water damage.


Like cracking, there can be different causes for your asphalt becoming distorted. Weak asphalt mix or insufficient asphalt thickness can cause ruts to develop in your pavement. When you look across your asphalt, it should appear smooth. If you see ripples instead, then this is usually caused by too much asphalt, too fine an aggravate or lack of compaction. If you see isolated pockets where the pavement has sunk, then a poorly constructed base layers are usually to blame.


You may also notice pieces of your pavement breaking up into small pieces. If it happens in a heavily traveled area, then these pieces disappear over time. This process is called disintegration, and there are three common causes of it. The first, called raveling, indicates that the previous pavement company used a poor pavement mix that is breaking down under traffic. Potholes are the second cause, and they often start because of  sub base failure, or petrolium based product penetration.   A Lack of regular maintenance is the biggest reason for asphalt disintegration. Remember, however, that asphalt has a lifespan like every other product that you purchase.

Skidding Hazards

One of the most dangerous types of asphalt breakdown is skidding hazards as they can cause wrecks in your parking lot. Skidding hazards occur when the material in the asphalt becomes smooth so that tires can no longer appropriately grip the pavement. Skidding hazards can also occur because the sealcoat was improperly put down or the sealcoat product was cut with too much water or not enough sand and additives.

Surface Treatment Distress

Sometimes the asphalt appears to be breaking down, when it is actully the sealcoat that is wearing away. Often it happens when chips are spread too late in the pavement pouring process. It can also occur if traffic is allowed onto the newly coated asphalt too soon.

If you need paving in Orlando, give Florida Sealcoating a call. They will be glad to come out and diagnose the issue. Then, they will discuss with you the correct remedial procedure. You can trust this professional company to do the job right the first time. Contact them today before you suffer any more damage to your paved surfaces.