Your Driveway Floor Speaks Volumes About You

Your Driveway Floor Speaks Volumes About You

Your Driveway Floor Speaks Volumes About You

When people arrive to visit you or simply drive by in the street, one of the first things that they see is your driveway floor. This represents a large part of the overall curb appeal of your home and you should go out of your way to make sure that it looks as good as possible. Remember that first impressions are everything and you do not want a first-time visitor to get off on the wrong foot. If your driveway is badly stained, you should think about surfacing it.

The driveway floor can be affected by misuse, which would be cumulative over the course of many years. If the previous owner had been known to work on his vehicle there, you might see the leftovers of oil spills. If a car had been parked there for long periods of time, oil stains may have resulted. Unless all owners of the house had been careful over time, this area will likely need some attention!

If you have a brand-new house, you want it to retain its new look. If you have just purchased a home from a caring previous owner, you will want to do the same. If you have to park vehicles outside, make sure that your driveway floor is kept in great condition by putting absorbent pads beneath them. This is especially true with your older vehicles, as they have a much higher propensity to leak and cause nasty stains otherwise.

Never let your garage become so full of junk that you cannot park the vehicles that you have within. It looks much nicer from the street if you don't have cars in your drive and this will also help to prevent your driveway floor surface becoming stained, causing you to put hours of backbreaking work into cleaning it in future.

A driveway floor that is significantly damaged, may need to be resurfaced. This type of concrete stain work is significant and must be applied correctly, if it is going to have the best chance of success. Underlying the amount of work required, all adjacent surfaces must be protected or they can be badly damaged as a result.

Before you can start the process of acid staining, you must conduct a thorough cleaning of the area to be treated. Any holes, blemishes or cracks have to be filled in and leveled off using the appropriate concrete products. If you don't do this correctly, you will see the blemishes underneath and they will in fact be magnified, so you want to approach the task correctly from the beginning.

All dirt and grease will need to be removed from your driveway floor before you attempt a concrete stain. This will invariably mean the use of harsh chemicals, which could then cause blemishes to the overall surface. However, the concrete stain will take care of this residual effect.


After fixing your driveway, it would be wise to do one last thing that woul prevent future breakdown – sealcoating. Sealcoating in Orlando is a dependable preventive measure to help your driveway resist breakdown from heavy weights, water and other harmful objects.

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