The Six Main Steps in Asphalt Paving

The Six Main Steps in Asphalt Paving

The Six Main Steps in Asphalt Paving

 When it comes to asphalt paving your driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot, there are likely a lot of things you don't know.  That's why you need to trust the professionals at Florida Seal Coating to do your paving in Orlando.  We offer a professional, quality, step-by-step asphalt paving services that leave roads and surfaces smooth and ready for traffic, whether it is foot or vehicle.  Here are the steps involved in our quality asphalt paving process.

Removal of the Existing Surface

If an existing road or driveway surface is there, we will first need to demolish it and properly remove it before we start paving.  We use heavy machinery to completely remove the surface and any remaining debris from the area.  

Grading the Surface

Grading and sloping must take place next.  This helps to ensure that water will properly run off the road, preventing any cracking or damaging to the asphalt underneath.  This also helps to prevent potholes from developing.

Prepare the Subbase Layer

This is surprisingly the most critical part of the asphalt paving process.  The subbase layer provides a stable surface that will support new paving materials and also protection against the weather.  It is essential to make sure that subbase layer is compacted to keep the asphalt layer durable.

Add the Binder Layer

Once the subbase layer is prepared and compacted, we will add the binder layer.  This layer is extremely strong and durable.  It is made up of a mixture of materials, including oils, which add as much strength as entire new layer of asphalt.

Add the New Asphalt Layer

Once the binding is complete, it is now time to add the asphalt layer.  This fresh layer makes the road smooth for vehicles when they drive.  It also provides an attractive and shiny surface for the community.  This is one reason it is extremely popular for driveways.

Install Joints

The final step of the asphalt paving process is to ensure that there are smooth transitions between the new asphalt road and any existing surfaces that it connects to.  We do this by installing butts and joints along the road to provide a seamless transition between materials.  We need to make sure that these joints are properly installed to allow the water to run off the road without damaging the conditions of the asphalt.  It is also aesthetically important to provide a seamless look when connecting roads and surfaces together.  

This is the step-by-step summary of the main aspects involved in the asphalt paving process that is used by many professionals who perform paving in Orlando.  At Florida Seal Coating, we aim for the highest quality of road paving and repair services and customer service for our clients.  Contact us today if you are looking to pave your outdoor surfaces.