Three Types of Asphalt Damage that Occurs in Florida

Three Types of Asphalt Damage that Occurs in Florida

Three Types of Asphalt Damage that Occurs in Florida

Are you debating whether to pave your surfaces with asphalt or concrete?  Asphalt is great for many reasons, including its easy maintenance and cost-effective paving process.  With our asphalt paving in Orlando, we can get you started with a smooth and attractive asphalt surface to enhance your business or residence.  When you install an asphalt surface, you'll want to know what to look for in order to maintain and care for it properly.  There are three main types of asphalt damage that can frequently occur on Florida roads, driveways, and parking lots.


Whenever the surface of the asphalt has any type of change, this is considered distortion.  This is typically caused by a few factors.  The subbase layer may have been weak or unstable during paving, the subgrade soil or layer may have suffered some movement since being paved, or compression from traffic could have caused issues.  Traffic is one of the major reasons why asphalt gets damaged over time.  Often times, you'll notice depressions, corrugations, upheavals, or channeling in the asphalt when it has suffered from distortion damage.


Paving in Orlando requires multiple steps until the road is ready for traffic, whether it's foot or auto traffic.  Whenever these steps do not properly bond together, this type of damage is called disintegration.  Disintegration occurs when there is a loss of bond between the binder and the aggregate particles of the asphalt.  This can be caused by traffic, as it frequently causes compaction that result in breaking this important bond.  Disintegration between asphalt layers can be repaired by calling Florida Seal Coating to restore the appearance and function of your asphalt and make it safe for driving.


Cracking is the most commonly noticed type of asphalt damage, as many people can recognize this type of damage.  This can occur when temperatures change drastically, water seeps into the asphalt sublayer, or the asphalt becomes fatigued over time.  Cracks are easy and cost-effective to repair, but you will want to repair them as soon as you notice this issues arise.  Neglecting to repair cracks in your asphalt can result in larger and more expensive repairs, such as water damage or potholes.  Cracks can also cause tripping hazards in areas of heavy foot traffic.

These are the main types of asphalt damage to look for when you pave your surfaces using asphalt.  Our asphalt paving in Orlando can get you started with a convenient, quick, and inexpensive paving service that will have your road up and running in no time.  Be sure that you pay attention for any of these damages so you can make quick repairs and prolong the life of your asphalt.  Contact us today to hear about our range of asphalt paving and repair services.