Creating a Parking Lot for a Great First Impression

Creating a Parking Lot for a Great First Impression

Creating a Parking Lot for a Great First Impression

Do you want to make sure that your business stands out in the community?  Are you currently undergoing a project to boost your curb appeal and fix the exterior space around your business?  Many businesses spend time and energy improving the appearance and functionality of their indoor space, but the outside should not be neglected.  When you have an attractive curb appeal, your customers are more likely to come in and check out the rest.  This is especially true when it comes to your business parking lot.  These are a few tips to help you create a parking lot that will make a great first impression.

Perform Repairs

When you are worried about the state of your parking lot, it may be time for you to perform some basic repairs.  If you notice potholes, cracks, fissures, or pooling water, these are issues that need to be tended to right away.  By performing these asphalt repairs in Sanford, you will allow your parking lot to last much longer before it needs to be replaced.  This will also keep your customers and employees safe when they are driving or walking through your lot.

Clean and Maintain the Area Regularly

Performing some basic cleaning tasks will also help to improve the appearance and function of your parking lot.  Keeping the area freshly broomed, pressure washed, and clear of litter is essential in maintaining the appearance of your business.  It also prevents any chemicals from sitting on your pavement for too long and damaging the pavement.

Make Sure You Have Bright Stripes

Parking lot striping is also essential in keeping up with the function of your business.  Striping will indicate car parking spaces, proper traffic flow, ADA parking spaces, entrances, and exits.  When your parking lot striping is visible, you will be able to keep your lot functional and safe for your employees.

Use Clear Wayfaring Signage

Having proper signage is also important for keeping up with the safety of your parking lot.  Signs should indicate the type of parking spaces, whether they are handicap, for expectant mothers, or for certain employees.  You should also have signs that indicate pedestrian crosswalks and other hazards that drivers need to watch out for.

Repave and Sealcoat When Necessary

If your parking lot is in disrepair, it will need to be repaved.  When your lot has not been repaved for over ten years, it may be time to consider getting a new replacement.  This is especially true if your lot has heavy traffic daily, as this will cause the structure to deteriorate much faster.  Sealcoating is another great and more cost-effective method to enhance the appearance and protect the surface from further damage.

By following these tips, you can create a parking lot that makes a great first impression and brings more business into your doors.  If you are looking to perform parking lot paving or asphalt repairs in Sanford, contact Florida Seal Coating to hear how we can help you today.