Five Reasons Why Sealcoating is Beneficial for Your Parking Lot

Five Reasons Why Sealcoating is Beneficial for Your Parking Lot

Five Reasons Why Sealcoating is Beneficial for Your Parking Lot

Having an asphalt parking lot is beneficial for creating smooth surfaces for your employees and customers, adding curb appeal, and using quality materials for exterior surfaces.  Asphalt has is perks, but it also requires proper care and maintenance to keep it in the best shape.  When you perform routine sealcoating, you protect the asphalt layers and prevent it from damage and destruction that can happen over time.  Sealcoating in Orlando is beneficial for many different reasons.

Prevents Water Intrusion

When you sealcoat your asphalt surfaces, you prevent water from seeping into the layers of your pavement.  Over time, the quality of your asphalt can degrade, which can make the layers more susceptible to water damage and destruction.  Once the water enters these layers, it can cause extreme damage to the structural integrity of your surface.  Avoid these issues by giving them a fresh layer of sealcoating on a regular basis.

Protects from Oils and Gasoline

Asphalt is a petroleum-based substance, which means that other petroleum-based substances can bind to it and eventually soften the asphalt.  When this occurs, it compromises the overall strength of the entire paved area.  This can result in cracks, potholes, or dents.  To protect your asphalt from the constant exposure to oils and gasolines from traffic, you will want to sealcoat it regularly.

Improves Flexibility

Although it is durable, asphalt is actually a flexible paving material.  Concrete, on the other hand, is a rigid material.  The flexibility of asphalt allows it to bend and form to the weight of cars, trucks, and other heavy-duty items that are placed upon it.  As the pavement ages, it becomes worn and loses its flexibility.  This can cause cracks.  Sealcoating protects this from occurring prematurely.

Provides Traction

With the constant traffic and usage, asphalt will lose its fine particles, called "fines," that provide skid-resistance to the surface.  This can make it easier to slip, fall, or slide on ice.  Sealcoating in Orlando will replenish the fines to give your surface more traction, and it will also allow the remaining fines to stay in place.

Increases Asphalt Lifespan

Business owners love to save money whenever they can, and sealcoating will do that.  When you properly maintain your asphalt surfaces, you will be able to make your asphalt last up to 15 years.  If you do not sealcoat your surfaces, you can end up paying much more money in repairs, and you might still need to replace the entire structure sooner than expected.  Sealcoating is inexpensive maintenance that prevents larger issues from arising and keeps the asphalt lasting much longer.

These are just a few of the reasons why sealcoating is beneficial for your parking lot.  When you need to perform routine maintenance on a regular basis, you will want to work with the experts in sealcoating in Orlando.  Contact us to hear about our paving and sealcoating services today.