Four Ways to Make Your Orlando Parking Lot ADA Compliant

Four Ways to Make Your Orlando Parking Lot ADA Compliant

Four Ways to Make Your Orlando Parking Lot ADA Compliant

Meeting the needs of all your customers is not only important but also required by law.  As you create your exterior spaces, consider construction of your building, and create welcoming entrances for you5r business, you need to consider your wheelchair-accessible customers.  By ensuring that your business and parking lot is ADA compliant, you meet the needs of all your customers and uphold your state’s laws.  As experts in paving in Orlando, we are here to help ensure your parking lot is ADA compliant.  These are a few ways to make your Orlando parking lot ADA compliant with the help of our contractors.

Handicap Accessible Spaces

Every parking lot needs to have a certain number of handicapped parking spaces depending on the size of their lot.  If you have less than 25 spaces, you need to make sure that at least one of them is handicapped accessible.  For parking lots with between 26-100 parking spaces, you need to have at least two.  It is important to familiarize yourself with the laws written by the Americans with Disability Act to abide by these laws.

Proper Signs

In addition to the parking spaces set aside for your handicapped guests, you also need to have the proper and clear signs that make these features clear to all customers.  These signs should be at least five feet off the ground so that all motorists can see them from up-close and afar.  Many parking lots will also paint blue striping around these spaces, and they will even provide space on the side of the parking spaces that are designated for wheelchair ramps or other disabled vehicle unloading features.

Ramps and Sidewalks

If your business is on an upper-level or requires guests to walk up any stairs to come into your doors, you also need to have an accompanying ADA compliant ramp for your handicapped customers.  Make sure that the incline of this ramp meets the outlined rules by the ADA, as it will be difficult for those with disabilities or wheelchairs to climb up a steep ramp.

Safe and Smooth Surfaces

By performing routine maintenance, you can prevent cracks or potholes from developing in your sidewalks, parking lot, and other walkways.  Potholes, fissures, and cracks pose hazards for those with canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and other assistive devices.  This can result in injury, or they can even result in your liability for an injury.  Be sure that you regularly maintain your surfaces to prevent issues with potholes, water collection, debris, and other issues that can pose hazards for your disabled customers.

These are just a few ways that you can ensure that your Orlando parking lot is ADA compliant.  Be sure to work with professionals in paving in Orlando to get the best advice and perform the paving jobs properly.  Contact Florida Sealcoating to hear how we can help you today.