How to Maintain Your Asphalt Surfaces

How to Maintain Your Asphalt Surfaces

How to Maintain Your Asphalt Surfaces

When we think of preserving our property, we often fail to take our asphalt surfaces into account. It is equally important to maintain asphalt paving as it is to maintaining your yard. In this article, we will discuss what is involved in asphalt maintenance.  While you may not think it, preserving your asphalt is very important. Regular maintenance is required, just like with any constructed surface. But what does asphalt paving maintenance entail? There are a few steps you will want to follow in order to care for and maintain your asphalt surfaces, like driveways, walkways, and parking lots.

Crack Filling

Over time, weather and temperatures can cause asphalt to crack. So it is important that you repair these cracks to maintain its integrity. This also speaks for pothole repair too. Make sure you are taking the proper steps in filling and repairing these cracks and holes.

Periodic Sweeping

Periodically sweeping your asphalt surfaces to keep it clean and remove debris will do more than keep an aesthetically pleasing view.  This is also important when you own a business, as you will bring in more customers when you have a clean and attractive curb appeal.  It helps prevent damages to the surface of the asphalt paving.


Sealcoating is important to your asphalt. Not because there are defects in the design of asphalt, but because the defects in the chemical makeup. While asphalt paving will offer ample waterproofing, sealing your asphalt will strengthen the chemical makeup making it last longer and stay more visually appealing.

Pressure Washing

Another way to increase the appearance and quality of your asphalt surfaces is to pressure wash.  When you pressure wash your surfaces, you remove any tough stains, dirt, debris, and contaminants.  If these are neglected, they can actually seep into the layers of your asphalt and destroy the structural integrity, causing the need for more expensive repairs in the future.

Routine Inspections

If you notice potholes, cracks, or other issues in your asphalt, you will want to have an inspection done.  Professionals in asphalt paving in Orlando will come out and inspect your surface, providing you with the details of what's wrong and how to fix it.  They can then perform any repairs.  When you hire the professionals to treat your asphalt, you ensure that the issues are handled properly so they will not persist in the future and cause even worse damages.

These are just a few of the ways you can care for and maintain your asphalt.  Your asphalt surfaces are just as important as the other aspects of your property. Don't slack on it, and make sure you keep cracks and holes filled properly. If you aren't sealing, filling cracks, or covering pot holes correctly, it can lead to further damage to your asphalt paving in Orlando.  Contact the professionals at Florida Seal Coating to hear about our range of asphalt and paving services today.