Six Tips to Take Care of Your Pavement

Six Tips to Take Care of Your Pavement

Six Tips to Take Care of Your Pavement

When you choose to pave your surfaces, you take on the responsibility of maintaining and caring for these areas.  With the right company for asphalt repairs in Orlando, you will not have to worry about the time and energy this may take away from your business.  As a business owner, you will want to take these measures to take care of your pavement.

Clean Garbage and Litter

Keeping the pavement clean and free of trash, dirt, and waste is also an essential part of maintaining your outside appearance. If your customers discover that your parking lots are filthy, they will think you have the same level of carelessness in your business operations. Take note of this impression and try to polish the exterior parts as well.

Repair Cracks

Whenever you find cracks from previous water damage, that's time to carry out asphalt repairs on them right away. They are not only unattractive in your parking space, but they are also a tripping danger for residents, customers, and visitors.

Routine Sealcoating

The procedure of applying a coal-tar or asphalt emulsifier to your asphalt is known as seal coating. The seal coat is intended to cover small cracks that are less than 1/8' wide and protect the asphalt against moisture, sun damage, and chemical spills such as gas, oil, and antifreeze. Besides that, seal coating improves the appearance of your parking lot! It restores the color and provides it with a brand-new look that will impress your customers and guests.

Maintain Proper Drainage

Drainage directs water away from your parking area, preventing it from pooling and remaining on the surface. Standing water allows moisture to soak into the asphalt, causing the surface to deteriorate and cracks to form. Although you may not look at it that way, adequate drainage helps you maintain and extend the life of your parking lot.


Maintaining the parking lot lines is also essential to having a beautiful and safe parking lot. Restriping enhances the appearance of your parking lot, increasing curb appeal and customer satisfaction. In terms of safety, well-defined parking space lines produce an organized, ADA-compliant parking lot. The advantages of restriping cannot be overstated.

Take Care of Landscaping

A final point to remember is to think about driveway design and landscape features. Adding trees, plants, and bushes, to your parking lot adds a splash of color and vitality to an otherwise monotonous urban setting. Landscaping can assist minimize soil erosion, reduce stormwater damage that will lead to asphalt repairs, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in addition to its visual appeal.
This page includes recommendations for asphalt repairs for parking lots and paved areas.

These are a few tips that every business owner should follow to maintain their paved surfaces.  If you are looking for a quality expert in asphalt paving in Orlando, contact Florida Seal Coating to hear abot our services today.