Why You Need Routine Sealcoating on Your Orlando Parking Lots and Roads

Why You Need Routine Sealcoating on Your Orlando Parking Lots and Roads

Why You Need Routine Sealcoating on Your Orlando Parking Lots and Roads

Whether you know it or not, there are many factors that can degrade the quality of your paving materials, which can result in large eyesores or even unsafe road conditions.  When you invest in quality sealcoating in Orlando on a routine basis, you can protect the surface by adding a layer of sealant over the top of your asphalt.  Asphalt surfaces will then be less susceptible to damages over time, which can save you loads of money on repair and replacement expenses.  There are a few great reasons why you need to have routine sealcoating to protect your Orlando parking lots and roads.

Slows Deterioration from Oxidation

While you can’t prevent oxidation, which is the deterioration of the asphalt binder resulting from exposure to the air and thus the sun’s ultra-violet rays, you can slow it down with a sealcoating layer.  Oxidation causes the pavement to become brittle, which makes it easier for cracks to occur and to grow more quickly, and also quickens deterioration.  Sealcoating adds a layer of protection on top of that asphalt binder, so it’s the sealer that takes the exposure to air and sun and not the binder itself.  Regular application of sealer every few years will extend the lifetime of your pavement.

Protects from Gas and Oil Spills

Because asphalt is petroleum-based, any petroleum-based liquid that leaks thereon will essentially soften the asphalt. This process opens the door to even quicker and possibly more-extensive damage to the pavement.  If you’ve ever seen the black spots near the parking blocks in parking spaces – oil spots – you’ve seen the damage leaks can cause. Sealcoating will protect your pavement from gas and oil spills, which occur frequently on roadways.  If your parking zone contains any of these black oil spots they need to be repaired before sealcoating.  

Enhances Traction

As asphalt pavement ages, the tiny sand-size particles will be the first things to wear away.  This will reduce the traction of the pavement, making it slippery or even dangerous during rainy weather.  Applying sealer that contains sand or boiler slag not only helps lock those fine particles in place, but it also replenishes the particles on the surface, providing some additional traction.

Extends Pavement Life

The combined impact of all of these things that sealcoating does to a paved surface extends the overall pavement life.  A well-constructed asphalt pavement can last well beyond 15 years when properly maintained, and sealcoating is an important a part of that maintenance process.

These are just a few of the many benefits of sealcoating in Orlando.  When you maintain your Orlando parking lots and roadways, you will be able to save money on repairs and replacements over their lifespan.  This can help you afford to make these small changes.  Contact Florida Seal Coating to hear more about our paving and repair services today.