Why You Should Choose Asphalt for Your Paving Needs

Why You Should Choose Asphalt for Your Paving Needs

Why You Should Choose Asphalt for Your Paving Needs

Are you looking to improve the appearance of your home and business with paved surfaces?  Are you finally ready to invest in quality materials for your exterior surfaces?  Paving your driveways, walkways, patios, and parking lots is an investment that takes money, effort, and research to make it right.  Many homes and businesses take their time to choose the right paving materials for their paving jobs.  Asphalt has become one of the most popular paving materials for driveways and sidewalks.  Let’s take a look at the reasons why asphalt is a great choice for you.


Asphalt is one of the most cost-effective paving materials on the market.  It offers a much lower price per square feet in comparison to concrete.  Not only is it more affordable to install, but it requires inexpensive maintenance services to keep in great shape over its lifetime.  If you are looking for a paving option that is much easier on the wallet, asphalt is the way to go.


Many people love the durability of asphalt.  When it is properly maintained over its lifespan, asphalt can last over ten years before it needs to be resurfaced.   When you hire experts to maintain the surface with repairs and sealcoating in Sanford, you can keep it in even better shape than if you choose to do things themselves.

Polished Appearance

Asphalt is extremely popular for both businesses and residences, as it offers a sleek and polished appearance.  One the paving contractors are done paving your driveway or parking lot, you will be left with a fully functional and attractive surface.  By having a polished appearance, you will boost your curb appeal for many years to follow.


Asphalt can be used in many different climates, and it will still last over a decade.  Some paving materials will require specific attention during cold winters or bouts of heavy rain, but asphalt only requires minimal, and affordable, maintenance to keep it in good shape.  When you take care of your asphalt, it can be one of the longest lasting materials to retain its shape and appearance.

Easy to Install

Asphalt is an easy paving surface to install.  Many paving contractors will be able to take care of this job in one afternoon.  When you are concerned about opening your business to traffic, you will want to choose asphalt.  After they leave the job, you will be able to drive on the roads and surfaces the very next day.  This means that you can enjoy your pavement sooner without the hassle or worry.

These are a few of the reasons why you should choose asphalt for your paving needs.  When you are looking for quality asphalt paving or sealcoating in Sanford, trust the experts at Florida Seal Coating for your needs.  Contact us to receive your free quote today.