4 Tips for Finding the Best Paving Contractor

4 Tips for Finding the Best Paving Contractor

4 Tips for Finding the Best Paving Contractor

Is your parking lot looking unattractive and worn? It may be time to invest in a new one. If you want a parking area that lasts the test of time, it is essential to ensure the job is done right. Choosing a contractor can be a challenge, especially when you are unsure what makes one option better than the next. Our experts on asphalt repairs in Orlando offer the following tips you need to know for picking the best contractor.

Research local options

The further you expand your geographical search, the more contractors you will discover. Still, finding a local professional is probably in your best interest. Local companies are familiar with the area. That usually gives them plenty of knowledge about local regulations, codes, and soil composition. This knowledge will allow them to mitigate any problems with asphalt installation in your local area. For example, if the soil in your area is famous for being full of rocks, a local contractor will be more prepared for the conditions beneath your existing pavement than someone from out of town.

Confirm licensing and insurance

Never work with a paving company that isn't wholly licensed and fully insured. The best asphalt contractors will carry complete insurance coverage instead of the bare minimum. Ask for proof that their insurance covers every vehicle, all equipment, and their entire workforce. They also need to carry worker's compensation and liability insurance. They should have all the required licensing and be bonded. Make sure that their insurance and licenses are up to date.

Get multiple bids

Do not just hire the first contractor you meet, even if you like their bid. Instead, get multiple offers to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. The best way to go is to narrow your list to a few options, research their online reviews, and then request bids from the ones that make the cut. You may be surprised to discover that one contractor is just as talented as another but offers you a much better price for their services.

Require a contract for services

Once you have decided on the contractor you want to work with, make sure they are willing to sign a contract with you. The agreement they provide needs to include your name, their name, and all the details involved with the paving project you are hiring them to complete. Make sure it provides for the scope of the job and the price you agree on. It is essential not to leave out any important details to protect you and the contractor. A signed contract ensures that you get what you pay for and that you will also adhere to your end of the agreement. It also ensures you will not have to pay more than you agreed to. If the contractor you chose refuses to sign a contract, kindly send them on their way and go with your second choice instead.

Use these tips to secure the best contractor available in your area. And call us today for a free quote! We would love to care for all your installation, maintenance, and asphalt repairs in Orlando.