5 Reasons That Tar and Chip Seal May be Right for You

5 Reasons That Tar and Chip Seal May be Right for You

5 Reasons That Tar and Chip Seal May be Right for You

Tar and chip paving can be used in various applications, but there are some applications where it performs better than other available options. Every circumstance is unique, though tar and chip seal paving is an affordable and exciting alternative to asphalt paving in many situations. While asphalt paving might be an excellent option for one client, tar and chip seal may be the best option for another. Our experts on paving and sealcoating in Sanford may be the best choice for ranch driveways, roadways, or parking lots.

You need a low-speed, low-volume roadway option.

The savings offered by tar and chip seal can be significant, especially for long-distance roadways. However, keep in mind that it is not always the best match for every road. Tar and chip seal roadways are bumpier and louder than asphalt pavement, especially at high speeds. As a result, vehicles can be damaged or accidents caused by loose chips being kicked up from the surface. This paving solution also has a significantly shorter lifespan than asphalt surfaces. This makes tar and chip seal a better option for backroads with lower posted speed limits and less regular traffic traveling on the surface.

You require more traction.

If you live in an area that sees icy conditions or wet weather, it only takes a freezing evening or flash flooding to make asphalt surfaces unsafe for traveling. With tar and chip sealing, there is extra traction provided by the layer of chips, allowing your shoes or tires to maintain a better surface grip. This can help pedestrians and drivers avoid accidents that lead to injuries or vehicle damage.

You want added color on your paved surface.

Asphalt paving does not have color variations. It is simply black. Many people appreciate the clean look and smooth ride of asphalt, but what you see is what you get, and there are no options for changing the color or material makeup for such structures. Many people would prefer to add some color to their driveway or parking lot. The tar and chip seal process allows customers to choose the color of the chip surface and the type of aggregate used in the structure. This gives people the opportunity to match their pavement color to the environment, their home, or to use a color that stands out and draws attention.

You want to minimize surface maintenance.

Maintenance and repairs are two of the most significant problems with installing asphalt surfaces. Asphalt surfaces that are not appropriately maintained are subject to cracks and potholes that will continue to expand due to water intrusion. This common mistake will compromise the installation's structural integrity, leading to extensive repairs, resurfacing, or costly and time-consuming replacement. On the other hand, tar and chip seal paving is mostly self-repairing. As a result, cracks in the surface do not worsen and can improve over time on their own, unlike asphalt surfaces.

You need to stay within a tight budget.

Tar and chip seal paving tends to be less expensive than its asphalt counterpart, regardless of whether you are giving your driveway a new look, resurfacing a road, or developing a new parking lot. In most cases, the cost for tar and chip seal surfaces ranges from 2 to 5 dollars per square foot, whereas traditional asphalt installation costs roughly 4 to 6 dollars per square foot. This is a significant cost difference, though asphalt paving does tend to last many years longer than tar and chip seal.

These are just a few of the reasons that tar and chip seal paving may be the right choice for your paving project. Contact our experts on paving and sealcoating in Sanford today for further information.