6 Advantages of Sealcoating your Driveway

6 Advantages of Sealcoating your Driveway

6 Advantages of Sealcoating your Driveway

If you are looking for ways to enhance the appearance of your driveway or have grown tired of tripping over potholes and cracks in your pavement, it is probably time to call a paving professional. Routine sealcoating services can help maintain the quality of your asphalt pavement and keep it looking new. Sealcoating in Sanford will protect your asphalt from future damages, too. Our experts offer the following reasons to sealcoat your asphalt as directed.

Sealcoating saves you money

Routinely maintaining your asphalt surface with sealcoating services will protect it and restore its functionality. This will help the asphalt resist damages from water intrusion, UV rays, fluid leaks, and more, saving you money on more extensive repairs, resurfacing, and replacement in the future. It also has the potential to save you money on doctor visits due to tripping on cracks or potholes, not to mention liability costs if a visitor should get injured due to damages on your driveway. Sealcoating also extends the life of your pavement, saving you money on untimely replacement or resurfacing.

Sealcoating makes your asphalt easy to clean

A protective layer of sealcoating gives it a beautiful, ebony appearance. The smooth layer makes sweeping your driveway or spraying it off a breeze. Cleaning your sealcoated driveway regularly will keep it safe from damages due to vehicle fluid leaks, too. It will be easy to keep your pavement looking beautiful with regular sealcoating maintenance.

Sealcoating prevents water intrusion

Sealcoating your asphalt surface after any damages have been repaired will seal any surface blemishes and tiny cracks that could develop into more extensive deteriorations when left unaddressed. Sealing these cracks prevents water intrusion into the deeper layers of asphalt. Water intrusion has the potential to compromise your pavement's structural integrity, leading to the untimely need for extensive repairs, resurfacing, or replacement. Sealcoating provides a protective water-resistant surface to help avoid future water damage.

Sealcoating boosts your property’s curb appeal

Most property owners love having sealcoating completed on their asphalt surfaces because it restores them to their original beauty. In addition, the smooth, ebony surface provided with a fresh layer of sealcoating will make it look brand new, enhancing the beauty and curb appeal of your property.

Sealcoating protects from vehicle fluid leaks

Driveways are subject to leaks and spills from automobile fluids like gasoline and oil. These chemicals can cause the ingredients in unsealed asphalt to break down, leading to damages and water intrusion over time. Sealcoating's protective elements are designed to resist damages caused by these vehicle fluids, extending the life of your pavement in the process.

Sealcoating protects from UV damage and oxidation

Asphalt pavement is vulnerable to damages from UV rays and oxidation. Over time the sun's rays will dry out the oils in the asphalt, causing it to lose its pliable and flexible nature. This can lead to cracks that allow water intrusion into the deeper layers of the structure. Sealcoating will prevent these damages and restore your pavement's flexibility and durability.

These are a handful of advantages to sealcoating your driveway. Keep in mind that sealcoating in Sanford is recommended within a year of initial installation and every 2 to 3 years after. Contact us today for more information!