Asphalt Sealcoating Benefits You Should Not Ignore

Asphalt Sealcoating Benefits You Should Not Ignore

Asphalt Sealcoating Benefits You Should Not Ignore

If your parking lot or driveway has seen better days, you might consider giving it a facelift with sealcoating in Orlando. Our sealcoating experts offer the following sealcoating benefits that every property owner should know.

Asphalt is an exciting product. Unfortunately, many people don't think too much about it, even though it is present in most of the modern world. It is hard to imagine a city or town without blacktop roads. Asphalt surfaces can be easily damaged and are made of porous materials, so sealcoating is a great solution. If you don't know the importance of seal coating asphalt surfaces, the following information will be highly informative.

It protects asphalt from sun damage.

It is not uncommon in TV shows and movies to see images of asphalt highways curling through the desert with the hot sun shining upon them. These roads are portrayed as faded, damaged, and cracked in most cases. Unfortunately, this is precisely what happens to asphalt surfaces when unprotected from the sun's rays. Ultraviolet light can cause damages to a lot of things, and the aggregate and binders within asphalt are no different. Sealcoating can provide asphalt surfaces with long-term protection from the sun's harmful rays, extending their life.

It protects asphalt from moisture.

Many people don't consider the damage that a little bit of water can do. However, water intrusion can cause severe problems for asphalt, especially in cold areas where freezing temperatures are expected. As moisture works its way through an asphalt surface, cold temperatures can cause it to expand and leave it with cracks that damage its structural integrity. Water can also cause the erosion of asphalt during rainy weather. Water damage during flood season can even cause the base level of asphalt to erode and cause massive damage in a short period.

Sealcoating promotes longevity.

Asphalt surfaces have a limited lifespan. This is because they weather more quickly than concrete and are more prone to damage from the cars that pass over them and the elements to which they are exposed. However, sealcoating can significantly lengthen an asphalt surface's lifespan when properly applied. That means the parking lot, driveway, or road will last many years longer after it has been sealcoated than it would without it since a sealcoat protects the surface from damage that happens over time.

Sealcoating restores asphalt's black coloring.

It is not uncommon to see worn and sun-faded roads when traveling the nation's highways. Property owners dislike the look of faded asphalt even when there's no significant damage to the surface. While asphalt coloring is not essential for streets and roads, most property owners want to keep their property looking pleasant.

Proper sealcoating services can restore asphalt's aesthetic and help it last longer. This means that even if your parking lot or driveway is aging, it will still have the look of new asphalt once sealcoating is applied.
Asphalt is a significant part of our world. Whether creating a parking lot for a new business or a homeowner, it is critical to use a professional sealcoating contractor for sealcoating in Orlando. Our professional pavers have the experience and expertise to care for your asphalt correctly and keep it in working condition for years to come. Contact us today!