Benefits and Drawbacks of Crushed Asphalt paving in Orlando

Benefits and Drawbacks of Crushed Asphalt paving in Orlando

Benefits and Drawbacks of Crushed Asphalt paving in Orlando

Many people wonder where the chunks of asphalt are taken after being dug up by a construction crew to replace it with a renewed surface. These materials are not disposed of in landfills. Instead, they are repurposed with the help of recycling plants. Recycled or crushed asphalt may be the best choice for your new driveway installation and is becoming a trendy choice in the paving industry. Our experts on crushed asphalt paving in Orlando offer the following benefits and drawbacks of recycled asphalt to help you know whether it is the right paving option for you.

It is appealing.

A recycled asphalt driveway's appearance is a cross between an asphalt driveway and a gravel one. Some people appreciate the unique look of recycled asphalt surfaces compared to other available options.

It allows proper water drainage.

Places that experience significant amours of snowfall or rain can benefit from recycled asphalt surfaces because they stand up well to winter and wet seasons. In addition, the material allows for water passage through the structure and into the soil below, which helps alleviate pooling and flooding on driveway surfaces.

It has excellent bonding qualities.

Recycled asphalt still includes tar. This helps the materials to bond better than loose driveway materials and products. The recycled asphalt will bond quickly, even when compacted and wet. This produces a semi-permanent structure that keeps dirt and dust in place.

It is environmentally friendly.

Most people are shocked to discover that asphalt is the number one recycled material in America. Asphalt never decays. This makes disposing of it in a landfill an ineffective choice because it will not break down over time. Thus, the use of recycled asphalt materials is an environmentally friendly choice because the materials are used repeatedly, reducing the need for raw materials to use in asphalt paving. In addition, this reduces the need for non-renewable resources because old surfaces can be repurposed and recycled conveniently.

It is cost-effective.

The affordability of crushed asphalt is one of its primary benefits. Virgin asphalt requires much more in the way of resources. Its production demands more hours to install, more labor, and more oil. These elements make recycled asphalt much more affordable than virgin asphalt.

In addition, there are some drawbacks to crushed asphalt, like:


In terms of quality, some recycled asphalt materials are not as good as pure asphalt or other recycled asphalt options. This is an issue because the quality of recycled materials hinges on where and how it is recycled. It would be best to make an educated decision based on research before purchasing recycled asphalt. Always ensure that you buy the best quality recycled asphalt materials from a reputable recycling facility.


Recycled asphalt does not have the same smooth ebony color as virgin asphalt. Some property owners find recycled asphalt attractive and unique, while others still prefer the deep black hue of non-recycled asphalt paving. If the color of your pavement is an essential element for you, then you should carefully consider the aesthetic difference between traditional asphalt paving and recycled asphalt pavement.

It is entirely up to you to use new or recycled asphalt for your paving needs. Contact us today for more information on crushed asphalt paving in Orlando.