Five Advantages of Using a Contractor that Owns an Asphalt Production Plant

Five Advantages of Using a Contractor that Owns an Asphalt Production Plant

Five Advantages of Using a Contractor that Owns an Asphalt Production Plant

Owning an asphalt production plant is frequently the distinction between a decent paving contractor and a great one. If you're a client who is vetting asphalt paving contractors for an approaching project, don't ignore the significance of an in-house manufacturing plant. Contractors who have their own asphalt manufacturing plants profit in a handful of ways. But, more significantly, so do their clients! Our experts on asphalt paving in Sanford share the top five advantages of hiring a paving contractor that owns a production plant!

Cost Control

One of the disadvantages of buying asphalt mixtures from another plant is price, as an asphalt manufacturer can elect to increase their material prices at will. In getting rid of the middleman in the equation, on the other hand, the asphalt contractor has complete control over asphalt mix costs. The customer also profits, as the paving company can deliver their asphalt materials at a reasonable price and without excessive markup!

Mix Control

When buying asphalt mixes from a third-party manufacturer's plant, the contractor is mainly at the mercy of that business. All they can do is believe that the asphalt factory is creating high-quality products.

If a contractor owns a production plant, however, they can fine-tune their asphalt mixtures and observe the grade of their products—giving both them and their clients peace of mind!

Production Control

When contractors have a hard time getting their hands on hot mix asphalt, it's usually the client who suffers. Unfortunately, material deficits can happen—leaving contractors no choice but to delay the job.

Paving contractors that own their own production plants aren't influenced by these kinds of delays. They can keep plans on track and deliver on their commitments to clients. What's more, they have the capability to expand and reduce asphalt production as required!

Environmental Control

Asphalt contractors that own their own production plants are capable of taking greater accountability for how asphalt materials are being utilized.

Whenever old materials are being extracted, for instance, they can be taken directly to the contractor's manufacturing facility for recycling—sometimes being reused on the same job. This not only guarantees the customer that paving is being accomplished responsibly, but it also helps to keep material expenses down!

Warranty Control

Most contractors aren't satisfied backing asphalt products that aren't their own. This frequently presents an issue for customers, however, as most clients want to obtain some kind of warranty regarding the products that are being utilized.

When contractors are able to fabricate their own asphalt products, they can supply the warranty and terms for those products. So long as the contractor has faith in the quality of their products, the client can be reassured that they will endure!

These are a handful of advantages to using a contractor who owns an asphalt plant. Contact us today if you need installation, sealcoating, or asphalt paving in Sanford. We are here to meet all your paving needs.