Five Tips to Prepare Your Parking Lot for Winter

Five Tips to Prepare Your Parking Lot for Winter

Five Tips to Prepare Your Parking Lot for Winter

Winter wreaks devastation on businesses for many reasons, with disturbance to a parking lot being one of the most prominent. Snow and ice can build up on a parking lot, stop customers from accessing your business, and restrict entrance for your customers and coworkers. Without a secure and functional parking lot, your company can quickly come pulverizing to a halt.

Our experts on asphalt repairs in Orlando are a group of snow removal professionals who know what it takes to clear a parking lot and prepare it for winter. These are our leading five tips for prepping your parking area for the chilly months ahead.

Create A Snow Removal and Backup Plan

The first stage is understanding that winter is coming and setting a plan in motion. With professional help, it will be easier to guarantee your parking lot is always prepared. For this basis, your company must take measures to discover alternate parking for your most essential staff members. Of course, circumstances differ depending on company, property, and area, so a backup plan will rely entirely on your circumstances. Nevertheless, you can take some steps to lower the odds of requiring that backup plan.

Employ a Snow Removal Firm

Many companies offer parking lot snow removal services and preventative maintenance to discourage ice and snow from even forming. Employing the advice of professional meteorologists, they can anticipate inclement weather and apply deicing agents before ice and snow have an opportunity to develop. Contact local professionals, and they'll put a strategy in place to guarantee you're always equipped for the cold weather, with a team attending your property before, during, and after a cold weather event.

Seal Cracks and Fill Holes

Sealing the cracks and repairing potholes is always an essential form of care to get a grip on before winter. Sealing cracks in asphalt stops water from reaching the sub-grade layer of an asphalt surface. As that moisture freezes and thaws, it enlarges the cracks and makes them more prominent. The same is valid with potholes. The faster you repair the holes and crevices, the longer your surface will endure. It also prevents trapped water from creating large ice fragments in the winter.

Get Cleaning

Clear parking lots are essential throughout the year, but this is particularly essential in the winter. Fallen snow often covers objects on the ground, creating a tripping hazard and an obstruction that may damage automobiles. Hidden obstructions or risks are also a concern for snowplows, meaning your snow removal team may encounter delays. For these causes, clean your parking area before the winter arrives.

Inspect the Parking Lot's Drainage System

Remember your parking lot drainage! Any failure in a drainage system in the winter indicates that backed-up water might freeze over the parking lot and cause a severe threat to people driving or walking on the surface. Therefore, mind your drainage system throughout the remainder of the year to guarantee minimal risk of back-ups during the winter.

Follow these tips to prepare your parking lot for winter, and call us today for paving, sealcoating, and asphalt repairs in Orlando. We are here to help!