How Often Should You Replace Your Asphalt?

How Often Should You Replace Your Asphalt?

How Often Should You Replace Your Asphalt?

If you have recently installed a new asphalt parking area, you definitely want to be sure that it lasts as long as possible. If the asphalt pavement was professionally designed and installed by a trusted paving contractor who specializes in asphalt installation, repairs, and sealcoating in Orlando, it should last you around 20-30 years.

Regular repairs, maintenance, and upkeep will help safeguard your investment and keep it looking fantastic for years to come. How heavy the traffic is on your parking lot, what kinds of automobiles generally drive on it, and how often it is exposed to the elements will impact the maintenance that it demands.

Repairing vs. Resurfacing Asphalt

Asphalt will eventually relinquish its integrity due to natural wear and tear. However, if you have cracks restored while they're still small, the condition of the parking area will survive a lot longer. Always have your restorations completed by an experienced asphalt repair business to ensure the quality of the job.

Resurface your parking lot when 30-40% of the asphalt pavement surface has degraded to "alligator cracks" or asphalt that is cracked into a scaly-looking pattern. Resurfacing adds a fresh layer of asphalt about 1.5-2 inches deep over the existing asphalt pavement. This procedure rejuvenates your parking lot, adding an additional 8-15 years to its lifespan.

How Long Do Asphalt Paved Parking Lots Last?

The real lifespan of an asphalt parking lot differs, and it depends on four immediate factors:

  • Soil geology
  • Groundwater and water presence in the soil and base
  • Design and installation quality
  • Frequency of maintenance

Variations depend on the state of the subgrade and how frequently the parking lot encounters hot and cold cycles. For example, periodic freezing and thawing lead to a briefer lifespan when incorporated with other geological and support elements.

American winters are particularly hard on asphalt paved surfaces. Therefore, repairs, asphalt repaving, and sealcoating in Orlando are best conducted early in the fall or spring to avoid significant damage.

When is Replacement Necessary?

All parking lots decline over time. When they do, not only are they unsightly, but they become a safety concern as well. Regular sealcoating maintenance every two to three years will help prolong the life of your parking lot, but at some juncture, you will need to altogether remove and replace the asphalt surface.

Sealcoating does not repair existing damage but protects the pavement from future damage caused by UV rays, heavy traffic, water intrusion, and other dangerous elements when placed correctly. Therefore, you should sealcoat your pavement within a year of initial installation and every two to three years after.

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