Is Your Landscaping Damaging Your Asphalt?

Is Your Landscaping Damaging Your Asphalt?

Is Your Landscaping Damaging Your Asphalt?

As a homeowner, you want to take the extra steps to boost your curb appeal and maintain the beauty of your property. You likely work hard to improve landscaping beds, keep paved surfaces smooth and clean, and add style to the outside of your home. When you notice damage on your asphalt, you may wonder how this is happening. As experts in asphalt repairs in Sanford, we are here to tell you that the damage may be occurring because of your landscaping. These are a few ways that your landscaping could be damaging your asphalt driveways or sidewalks.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can cause your asphalt to buckle and break. When you have large trees or shrubs alongside your driveways or sidewalks, you may start to notice issues with your asphalt that could be caused by the roots. As roots spread, they may lift your asphalt gradually, causing it to bulge, crack, or buckle. In fact, tree roots can actually extend up to seven times the distance of the tree, so you will want to consider these factors when you plant your trees. 


Although your asphalt is built to withstand weather conditions, like heavy rain, they will not hold up to constant watering caused by many irrigated sprinklers. When you install sprinkler systems in your landscaping, you want to point them away from your asphalt surfaces to prevent any damage. If your asphalt is directly exposed to constant watering from sprinklers, it can penetrate the pavement, causing damage to the internal structure. Over time, this can cause depressions and potholes that will require repairs.


Do you frequently fertilize your grass or plants along the edge of your driveways and sidewalks? Make sure that you take the time to choose a fertilizer that is friendly for your asphalt surfaces. When you choose the wrong fertilizer, it can eat away at the asphalt’s surface, causing erosion and discoloration. To prevent these issues, talk with a gardening specialist to determine the right fertilizer that will not damage your paved surfaces.


Although Florida does not often see freezing temperatures, it is still possible that we see the occasional icy conditions. When this occurs, we may be tempted to put salt on our paved surfaces to prevent slips and falls. However, salt can also erode the surface of your asphalt, causing minor holes, discoloration, or other erosion issues.

Are you concerned about the disrepair and damage of your asphalt that may be caused by landscaping or other issues? Our professionals can come out to inspect your asphalt and determine the cause of your damage to make the right asphalt repairs in Sanford.

If you are worried about your asphalt driveways, sidewalks, or patios, contact Florida Sealcoating to hear about our residential paving and repair services today!