Maintaining Your Asphalt Parking Area

Maintaining Your Asphalt Parking Area

Maintaining Your Asphalt Parking Area

Asphalt is an ideal paving material that delivers a robust supporting surface for your parking area. With reasonable maintenance, asphalt can survive decades and keep your company looking solid and successful. The following maintenance operations and asphalt repairs in Orlando are a savvy consideration for your asphalt parking area.

Crack Sealing

When cracks begin to appear in your drive, a crack-sealing procedure is generally a crucial step. This repair process identifies the causes of the cracks in your lot and efficiently addresses them. For instance, alligator cracks appear because of a shortage of support beneath your pavement. Sealing them demands a specific method that concentrates on the unusual character of this problem.

Other kinds of cracks, including longitudinal ones, appear due to stress and weathering on the pavement's surface. Restoring these cracks generally requires sealing the gaps before they become excessively wide and then adding a sealant that safeguards the surface from weather shifts. But, again, this simple maintenance procedure should be completed on as-needed grounds.

Restorations for more severe cracks, however, may demand evaluating the structural reinforcement of the slab and improving it throughout the parking lot's surface. For instance, broken pieces of pavement may be cleared and additional materials placed beneath them. Then, replacement asphalt is poured into this area to supply a stable base on which your parking area can sit.


Like any pavement, asphalt's surface may wear down due to climate exposure and other factors. This process takes up to 12 years but improves if you resurface your asphalt. This process adds a renewed layer of surface asphalt to your parking area, increasing its overall strength and making it more robust for years to come.

Resurfacing demands extracting the old surface with a milling machine and carefully spreading a new layer of asphalt to your parking area. This two-step procedure is relatively simple and can also fix problems such as alligator cracking, uneven surfaces, potholes, and locations of pooling water. Have this procedure completed on an as-needed basis to guarantee your parking area looks suitable for your clients.


Asphalt rejuvenation is exhilarating because it works more as a preventive method than a repairing one. A rejuvenated segment of asphalt receives treatment with various oils to replenish its surface and protect it from wear and tear. These oils generally dry up in pavement over time, but rejuvenation helps add them back to the exterior of your paving.

This process is typically relatively fast to execute, depending on the parking lot's size. Rejuvenation begins by cleaning the parking lot's surface as much as possible to eradicate dirt, dust, and other debris. A power broom assists with this process because it can swab away any contaminants that do not go away with less-focused cleaning methods.

An asphalt truck then spreads a rejuvenating solution to the parking lot's surface. Next, workers manually spray areas, as required, to add these oils to the asphalt surface. A blanket of sand is then laid to the surface for 24 hours to help with the curing process. Once the solution dries, workers sweep it away, and the asphalt is ready to use.

Professional Assistance

If you require asphalt paving on your business's parking area and want to guarantee that things go as smoothly as possible, please don't hesitate to contact our experts on asphalt repairs in Orlando to learn more about the beneficial process. Our professionals will come to your building and provide you with the high-quality maintenance and repairs you need to keep your parking area looking and functioning at its best.