Seasonal Parking Lot Maintenance Checklist

Seasonal Parking Lot Maintenance Checklist

Seasonal Parking Lot Maintenance Checklist

The United States has more than one billion parking spaces. Commercial inner-city areas across the country dedicate 50 to 70% of their land to parking lots and roads. Our car-oriented society puts plenty of pressure on the parking industry. Therefore, keeping your parking lot well-maintained is of utmost importance for business owners to maximize their return on investment (ROI) for asphalt paving in Sanford.

Spring parking lot maintenance

Springtime is perfect for giving your parking area extra attention to repair any damages that may have occurred over the cool winter months. First, clean up your parking lot by sweeping it thoroughly to remove any debris or dirt and clean out any cracks that may have developed in the pavement. When left unaddressed, cracks will quickly evolve into potholes. In addition, debris left on the pavement may lead to someone having a slip and fall accident.

Once your pavement surface has been cleaned adequately, seal any cracks that developed on your asphalt surface to prevent further damage. Unfortunately, cracks left unsealed allow water intrusion into the deeper layers of your pavement. In addition, when winter comes along with the freezing and thawing cycles, it will cause the moisture in the asphalt to expand and contract, leading to the widening and spreading of cracks. Finally, remove any growth of vegetation and weeds and clear out pipes to make sure water can drain away from your asphalt investment.

Summer parking lot maintenance

Summer is the best time to focus on sealcoating and parking lot striping. Sealcoating maintenance for your asphalt surface will ensure a fresh, ebony, shiny, good as new look to your parking lot area. It will also stop oxidation in its tracks and extend the life of your paving investment. Luckily, you do not have to seal coat your pavement annually. Instead, it should be completed every two to three years for optimal protection. To keep your asphalt surface looking like new and stay environmentally friendly, opt for PAH-free seal coats. Always confirm that the sealer you are using can resist vehicle fluids like motor oil and gasoline.

Once you have completed sealcoating maintenance, parking lot restriping is in order. Your lot must achieve ADA compliance. This is also a good time for evaluating whether your parking area could benefit from redefining lines to offer better traffic management or safer access. Be sure to consider environmental and traffic conditions when choosing suitable paint.

Fall parking lot maintenance

Autumn is the time for focusing on leaf removal and winter weather preparations. Do not let the autumn leaves build up on your asphalt surfaces. Accumulated leaves will leave behind natural chemicals that are harmful to paving materials. Check drain pipes for clogs from leaves to ensure proper water management.

Fall is the best time to formulate a plan to make it through the winter weather exposure. You might also consider contacting a professional parking lot cleaning service to take care of your maintenance services.

Winter parking lot maintenance

In winter, the most significant issues for asphalt surfaces in most of the country are ice and snow build-up. You can mitigate these problems with environmentally-friendly methods. If you are expecting heavy snowfall, apply an anti-icing agent to your parking area to prevent snow and ice from sticking to it. You can reduce waste by following manufacturer instructions closely. Once the storm has ended, remove snow as soon as possible to prevent compaction onto your pavement.

It is essential to plow your pavement before applying sand or salt to the surface. Don't forget that these materials keep snow from sticking to the pavement. It is vital to store salt uphill from snow and apply it sparingly because it can easily pollute freshwater sources. Use an alternative de-icing agent for frigid temperatures because salt will not work in temperatures below 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a handheld sprayer to apply your de-icing agent to use less liquid and help the environment and your bank account.

Proper maintenance will protect paving in Sanford for years ahead, primarily if you perform it consistently. Follow these tips for optimal protection, and call us today if you need installation, maintenance, or repairs for your asphalt surfaces. We want to be your pavers.