The Importance of Asphalt Fog Seals

The Importance of Asphalt Fog Seals

The Importance of Asphalt Fog Seals

An asphalt fog seal is a relatively inexpensive maintenance option that can delay the need for major repairs and rehabilitation, improving a pavement's life. Fog sealing involves the application of asphalt emulsion onto existing paved surfaces to protect and maintain them. This technique is designed to renew asphalt surfaces after oxidation. The process improves the asphalt's appearance, inhibits asphalt raveling, and seals minor cracks. Fog sealers can help preserve the structural integrity of an asphalt surface until long-term repair options are more affordable for a property owner.

Asphalt fog seal benefits include the following:

  • Improving the color contrast between striping and pavement
  • Sealing a paved surface's minor cracks
  • Delaying the urgency of significant rehabilitation and maintenance
  • Delaying the raveling process of pavement aggregates
  • Extending the lifespan of paved surfaces
  • Protecting paved structures from the effects of oxidation
  • Protecting the structural integrity of paved surfaces from water intrusion damage.

Emulsion types used for fog seals

Low viscosity slow-setting asphalt emulsions are commonly used for fog seals. For application purposes, these emulsions are diluted with water. This allows the asphalt emulsion to coat particles of aggregate and easily flow into voids and cracks on the pavement's surface. You should not apply a fog seal unless the road temperature exceeds 59 degrees and the air temperature surpasses 50 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, installation should be avoided when there is a threat of precipitation.

Performance expectations

Asphalt surfaces in good to satisfactory condition can expect to be extended by about four years. Road surfaces in satisfactory to fair condition can expect their life to be expanded by around three years. Paved surfaces in fair condition can expect their life to be extended by up to 2 years.

Fog seal road requirements

You can apply fog seals in any climate for a full range of traffic types and various roads. Fog seals are acceptable for paved surfaces where you can expect the penetration of the diluted emulsion material. This usually includes surfaces with raveled or aged asphalt surfaces and open-graded or chip-sealed structures. In addition, the structures must have an adequate structural capacity and cannot be applied on pavements with structural distress like excessive shoving, rutting, or cracking.

This is a comprehensive overview of asphalt for sealing. Before determining if it is suitable for your particular paving needs, there are essential considerations to the process. The delayed demand for expensive repair and maintenance services is a primary reason property owners choose the fog sealing process for their paved surfaces.

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