Three Reasons to Fix Residential Potholes During Spring

Three Reasons to Fix Residential Potholes During Spring

Three Reasons to Fix Residential Potholes During Spring

It is only standard to desire to repair potholes as quickly as feasible. Potholes can provoke accidents and damage automobiles. Also, diminutive potholes can become more threatening if they are not managed quickly. But while you can complete emergency restorations at any juncture, enduring restorations should be postponed for more hospitable climate circumstances. Our experts on asphalt repairs in Sanford offer the following three reasons for mending potholes during the Spring.


Temperature is crucial when it comes to applying asphalt. Hot mix asphalt remains in a well-mixed fluid condition inside a heated truck. When the climate is warm, it will stay in its fluid state for an adequate amount of time to be poured out, spread over the surface, and leveled off. It will then solidify slowly to create a long-lasting texture with a consolidated seal. Conversely, asphalt starts to chill and coagulate shortly after it vacates the heated truck during frigid climate conditions. This solidification can cause inconsistent pouring or force the asphalt to stiffen before distributing and razing.

It's also necessary to mention that a freezing foundation can compel the ingrained aggregates to slacken and fail. This process makes it more probable for a pothole repair not to be sealed, which may permit space for moisture intrusion or cause a new pothole to form in the
exact same location.


Moist climate conditions are moderately standard during the Spring, but ice, snow, and torrential downpours are infrequent. Therefore, you can efficiently accomplish asphalt restorations during a mist without any detrimental effects. However, severe rainfall can provoke asphalt to chill too fast or lead to moisture build-up within the deepest layers of the pristine surface. Spring is the perfect period for restorations since most downpours are generally quick and light.

Cold weather damage

Frigid weather can cause trouble with asphalt surfaces. Asphalt often expands and contracts during thawing cycles, freezing temperatures, or substantial snowfall. Snow or ice accumulation can also deplete the structure of the surface. As a result, moisture intrusion and cracking are common. If your asphalt has materialized a pothole, there are presumably other places that are less harshly impaired that you have not yet detected. Delaying until Spring for pothole restorations permits you to comprehensively evaluate the remainder of the asphalt for cavities or damages that you should manage.

Cold patch asphalt is a splendid short-term solution for potholes because it is spread straight from the receptacle without the requirement for heating. Nevertheless, it is not typically most suitable to use as a long-term resolution. It's essential to recognize that if you utilize a cold patch to bring you through the winter season, Spring is ideal for replacing it with durable hot mix asphalt developed to last.

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