What You Should Know about Potholes

What You Should Know about Potholes

What You Should Know about Potholes

Potholes cause dangers to those traveling or walking on your paved surfaces. They can also cause eyesores that will detract those from wanting to come onto your property. If you have asphalt that is cracking or developing potholes, you should repair these issues as soon as possible to keep everyone safe. These are a few facts you should understand about potholes and the process to repair potholes in your asphalt surfaces.

How Potholes Form

Once water enters the interior structure of the asphalt, it expands and contracts under the pavement. As traffic increases the weight on the top of the weakened spot on the pavement, the issues continue to worsen. Over time, the pavement area will become so weak that it will start to break down, and potholes will form.

The Process to Repair Potholes

There is a four step process used to repair potholes in your asphalt surfaces. Professionals will come out and assess the extent of your pothole damage while also starting the process to repair your asphalt and leave it looking brand new once again.

Step 1: Clean the Pothole – Before we make any repairs, we need to clean the pothole and remove any dirt and debris from under the pavement. By doing this first, you ensure that this debris will not weaken the repair.

Step 2: Heat the Pothole – By heating the pothole, you remove any moisture from inside the pavement. The heat will also soften the pavement so the new asphalt can be applied.

Step 3: Add the New Asphalt – We will typically use the hot mix asphalt to make the repair. This new asphalt is compacted to ensure water is reduced and penetration is minimized. This compaction will create a bond between the new and old asphalt.

Step 4: Cool the Asphalt – Any of the debris that was not already removed will not be eradicated from the area, and the area can cool off for a little. Most pothole repairs can be driven on soon after the repairs are complete.

The Dangers of Potholes

Potholes are more than just eyesores on your property. They can also cause accidents to occur in both pedestrians and motor vehicle passengers. When these accidents occur, so can injury and damage to vehicles. If these accidents occur on your property, you may be liable to pay any damages or losses that have occurred. To protect your property, you need to repair these damages as soon as possible.

Call Our Pros in Asphalt Repairs in Orlando

While some people may want to try to repair potholes on their own to save money. However, it requires experience, skills, and technology to make a proper pothole repair that will last. You should look for paving contractors that are experts in asphalt pavement and repairs. Before you choose the right contractor, ask for free quotes for your job and talk to them about any qualifications, insurance, and licenses they have to keep the job safe and perform quality repairs.

If you are ready to repair potholes on your asphalt, contact the pros in asphalt repair in Orlando today!