3 Tips to Increase Your Asphalt’s Lifespan

3 Tips to Increase Your Asphalt’s Lifespan

3 Tips to Increase Your Asphalt’s Lifespan

If you have recently invested in a new asphalt parking lot or driveway and want to extend its life, options are available. High-quality asphalt paving can last between 15 and 25 years in Florida. The weather conditions and the type of soil beneath the pavement's base layer are essential factors in your pavement’s life. In areas where the freeze/thaw cycle is a more significant concern, the life expectancy will be shorter.

Experts recommend regular maintenance and repairs to protect your pavement and get the best return on investment. Our experts on seal coating in Orlando, FL, offer the following tips for increasing the life of your asphalt to 30+ years:

Water damage prevention

The very best thing you can do to extend the life of your asphalt is to prevent water intrusion into the inner levels of your asphalt pavement. Water is vulnerable to freezing and thawing that will damage your pavement prematurely. Seal coating your new pavement within a year of installation will protect it from water intrusion and damages. It is also essential for good drainage away from your driveway. Again, your paving contractor can assist you with this during pavement installation.

Filling cracks and sealcoating

If you find cracks in your pavement’s surface, you should fill them as frequently and adamantly as they appear. In addition, seal coating maintenance will help prevent oxidation and damages from other elements like water intrusion, vehicle fluid leaks, and more. However, it would be best to avoid over-sealing your asphalt because it will shorten its lifespan. Experts recommend seal coating your pavement every 2 to 3 years for optimal protection. It would be best only to seal coat when the previous sealant is worn off the surface where you can see portions of the bare pavement underneath.

Asphalt pavement replacement

If you have followed the above tips but your pavement still appears worn out, it may be time to consider a complete replacement. If your pavement has lost its mechanical function, meaning it has too much settling, is bumpy, or does not drain adequately, replacement is probably in order. Many property owners choose complete replacement based only on aesthetics. Replacement is the best option if you have crack filled and seal coated, but it still does not look good. In addition, safety concerns signal the need for asphalt replacement. Damages to vehicles, trips, and falls can cause liability issues, so consider repaving in such situations.

Ultimately, it is up to the consumer to determine what best fits their budget and needs, but asphalt contractors are always ready to give professional recommendations and advice. A pavement’s life expectancy depends on maintenance, traffic, and climate. It is possible for asphalt paving to last 30+ years, but this depends on how thick the original surface was paved, how well the soil drains, the type of soil beneath the base, and the strength of the base.

These are just a few tips for increasing the lifespan of your asphalt. Contact us today about asphalt installation, repairs, and seal coating in Orlando. We want to be your paving contractors!