The Benefits of Using Asphalt Sealer Additives

The Benefits of Using Asphalt Sealer Additives

The Benefits of Using Asphalt Sealer Additives


Maintaining your asphalt pavement can be a daunting task. Without proper sealant coatings, your pavement can become easily susceptible to damage, leaving you with costly repairs. Thankfully, through the use of asphalt sealer additives, you can protect your pavement and extend its lifespan. In this blog post, we'll discuss the top benefits of using asphalt sealer additives and how they can benefit your pavement in the long run.


Increased Protection

Traditional sealers often lack the necessary chemicals to defend against oil and gas spills, water damage, and environmental wear and tear. Asphalt sealer additives provide advanced protection features that not only prevent damage but also work as a barrier, sealing off your pavement from harmful substances. Adding these additives to your sealcoat also reduces dry time, ensuring your pavement will last for years to come.

Increased Durability

Asphalt sealer additives can increase the durability and strength of your pavement. They're designed to protect against harsh weather conditions, heavy traffic, and other wear factors that can lead to cracks and potholes. Furthermore, additives such as sand and silica can add texture and help improve traction. With a significantly longer life span, you save money on repairs and keep your pavement looking brand-new for years to come.


When you use a regular sealant, you'll often need to reapply it every year or every other year, which can be costly and time-consuming. By using an asphalt sealer additive, your pavement will require less maintenance and fewer reapplications, which ultimately saves you money over time. In addition, the protection and durability provided by an asphalt sealer additive can prevent costly repairs and replacement in the future.


Asphalt sealer additives are an eco-friendly choice for those who want to maintain their pavement while minimizing their impact on the environment. Instead of relying on harmful substances, such as coal tar and other chemicals, additives are made with natural, renewable materials. By choosing an eco-friendly option, you're protecting both your pavement and the environment.

Improved Appearance

Finally, using an asphalt sealer additive can also improve the appearance of your pavement. Additives like latex and polymers adhere well to a range of surfaces, providing a smooth, even finish that looks great and lasts for years. With a professional seal coating company, your pavement will look smoother, cleaner, and more polished.



n conclusion, using an asphalt sealer additive is a smart move for anyone who wants to maintain the quality and durability of their pavement. With increased protection, improved appearance, longevity, and a host of eco-friendly benefits, there really is no downside to adding an asphalt sealer additive to your pavement care routine. If you're considering seal coating services in Sanford, contact Florida Sealcoating today for a free estimate and experience the benefits of an asphalt sealer additive first-hand.