Guide on DIY Parking Lot Crack Repair

Guide on DIY Parking Lot Crack Repair

Guide on DIY Parking Lot Crack Repair

Parking lots endure a massive amount of wear and tear over the years. Between harsh weather conditions, high traffic volume, and heavy equipment, cracks are inevitable. Not to mention, the appearance of a parking lot speaks volumes about the business or organization that it belongs to. If you’ve noticed that your parking lot is showing signs of wear and tear with cracks, you may want to consider repairing them yourself. In this blog, we’ll provide you with a guide on DIY parking lot crack repair.

Step 1: Clean the Surface

The first step to repairing cracks in your parking lot is to clean the surface. Make sure that you sweep or blow away any debris or dirt from the affected area. If there is any vegetation growing out of the crack, be sure to remove it completely.

Step 2: Prepare the Crack for Repair 

In order to prepare the crack for repair, you’ll need to use a crack cleaning tool. Insert the tool into the crack and keep moving it back and forth until the debris is removed. This will ensure that the crack is clean and ready for repair.

Step 3: Fill the Crack

Once the crack is clean and dry, it’s time to apply the crack filler. You can purchase crack filler in a tube from your local home improvement store. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for application, and make sure to fill the entire length of the crack.

Step 4: Smooth the Crack Filler

After the crack is filled, use a trowel to smooth the surface of the filler. Be sure to feather the edges of the repair to create a smooth transition between the filler and the surrounding pavement.

Step 5: Seal the Crack

The final step is to seal the crack. You can purchase a sealer in a can or spray from your local home improvement store. Apply the sealer to the repaired area and allow it to dry completely before using the parking lot.



In conclusion, repairing cracks in your parking lot is important for both safety and aesthetic reasons. With the steps outlined above, DIY parking lot crack repair can be a simple and cost-effective task. However, if the cracks are significant, hiring a professional may be the best route to go. If you’re looking for striping services in Sanford, Florida Sealcoating LLC can help! Contact us today for a free estimate.