How to Properly Sealcoating Edges

How to Properly Sealcoating Edges

How to Properly Sealcoating Edges


Asphalt pavement is a popular and cost effective option for driveways, roads, and parking lots. It requires regular maintenance to remain in optimal condition. One of the best ways to maintain asphalt is through sealcoating. Sealcoating edges are critical for providing a strong bond with the pavement and ensuring that no cracks or other damage occur. Here’s how you can do it properly.

Preparing the Area

The first step of sealcoating edges is preparing the area around them. This includes removing any debris, dirt, or weeds that might be present near the edges of your asphalt pavement. The area should also be cleaned with a pressure washer to ensure that there is nothing blocking the sealant from adhering properly to your asphalt surface. In addition, any areas where cracks have formed should be filled in with quality crack filler before applying sealant.

Applying Sealant

Once you have prepped the area around your edges it’s time to apply the sealant. You will need an applicator brush specifically designed for this task as well as high quality asphalt sealcoat formulated for sealing edges specifically. Start by dipping your applicator brush into the bucket of sealcoat and slowly apply a thick coat along both sides of your edge lines. Make sure not to overdo it though; too much sealcoat can lead to cracking and bubbling in extreme temperatures or when exposed to heavy traffic loads. To prevent this from happening make sure you’re not applying too much product at once; instead take your time and layer on thin coats until you’ve achieved full coverage on both sides of your edge lines.

Finishing Up

Once you have applied enough sealcoat onto both sides of your edge lines it’s time to let everything dry before moving onto any additional tasks related to asphalt repair services in Sanford, FL . If done correctly, you should see a noticeable difference between your freshly sealed edges and the rest of the asphalt pavement within 24-48 hours after application depending on weather conditions and temperature fluctuations throughout the day/night cycle. Once everything has dried completely then feel free to move onto any other necessary repairs such as filling in cracks with crack filler or resurfacing sections if needed!



Sealcoating edges are an essential part of maintaining asphalt surfaces because they protect against wear-and-tear caused by weather exposure and heavy vehicle traffic loads over time. If done correctly, they can significantly extend the lifespan of an asphalt surface while also keeping it looking great year round! If you need assistance with applying sealant or other related services like crack filling, then contact Florida Sealcoating LLC today for a free estimate! We offer professional services designed specifically for driveway, road, & parking lot repair needs so don't hesitate - reach out now!