How to Properly Stripe a Parking Facility for ADA Compliance

How to Properly Stripe a Parking Facility for ADA Compliance

How to Properly Stripe a Parking Facility for ADA Compliance


If you are the owner of a parking facility, it is important that you understand and adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines when it comes to handicapped parking requirements. Having your parking lot properly striped is an essential part of being compliant. Here, we will discuss how best to stripe a parking facility to ensure compliance with the ADA requirements and why it’s important.

Guidelines for Handicap Parking Spaces

The first step in proper striping is understanding the guidelines for handicap parking spaces. According to the ADA, each space should be at least 96 inches wide and provide an access aisle that is 60 inches wide. These spaces must be clearly labeled with sufficient signage indicating that they are reserved for disabled individuals. The sign must include the international symbol of accessibility, which is a silhouette of a person in a wheelchair. Additionally, all areas designated as accessible must also have van-accessible spaces that are larger than standard handicap spots in order to accommodate wheelchairs or other mobility devices that require more room.

Why Striping Matters

It’s not enough to just set aside certain spaces for disabled individuals — those spaces need to be clearly marked so that all drivers know where they should park and so disabled drivers can easily find them. Proper striping ensures that your parking facility complies with all ADA regulations and provides easy visibility for anyone using your lot. Furthermore, having properly striped handicap spots reduces your liability risk by helping you avoid potential lawsuits due to non-compliance with federal standards.

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