Pros and Cons of Oil-Based Solutions for Sealcoating

Pros and Cons of Oil-Based Solutions for Sealcoating

Pros and Cons of Oil-Based Solutions for Sealcoating


Maintaining the asphalt pavement surrounding your property is crucial in keeping it functional and aesthetically pleasing. One way of preserving your asphalt pavement is through sealcoating. However, there are different types of sealcoating solutions, and one of the most popular is an oil-based sealcoating. In this post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of using an oil-based solution for sealcoating.



  • Binds well with asphalt pavements
    One of the primary advantages of using oil-based sealcoating is that it adheres perfectly well with pavement. An oil-based solution has the potential to penetrate and permeate the asphalt, making it a durable solution for sealcoating.
  • Quick-drying
    Oil-based sealcoating solutions dry faster than water-based solutions. An appropriately applied oil-based sealcoating dries within just a few hours, which means less time for traffic interruptions.
  • Better resistance to weather
    Oil-based sealcoating solutions provide more excellent protection against harsh weather conditions such as snow, ice, and heavy rain. This is because the coating solution is thicker and more resistant to water infiltration.
  • Aesthetically pleasing
    Oil-based sealcoating solutions have a dark black finish that is more visually appealing and attractive than some other alternatives.


  • Toxic and flammable
    Oil-based sealcoating solutions contain toxic materials that can pose potential health risks to human beings and animals who come in contact with the chemicals. Additionally, the solution is highly flammable and should be stored appropriately.
  • Expensive
    Oil-based solutions are relatively expensive compared to other sealcoating alternatives.
  • Difficult to clean
    Oil-based sealcoating solutions can be challenging to remove, especially if it’s already dried out. Therefore, if you need to remove the sealcoating solution, it can be quite challenging.
  • Needs high maintenance
    Oil-based sealcoating solutions require frequent maintenance as they tend to be more sensitive to wear and are susceptible to surface damage from traffic impacts.



Choosing the right type of sealcoating solution for your property can be a daunting task. While oil-based solutions provide a better protective seal, they also have their downside. If you opt for an oil-based sealcoating solution, you should keep in mind the costs, safety concerns, and regular maintenance requirements. Alternatively, you can choose other types of sealcoating solutions, such as water-based sealcoating, coal tar, and asphalt emulsion. It’s always best to get expert advice from professional contractors when deciding on a sealcoating solution that meets your unique requirements and budget. If you are seeking sealcoating services in Orlando, get in touch with Florida Sealcoating today for a free estimate.