Repairing Crumbling Asphalt: What You Need to Know

Repairing Crumbling Asphalt: What You Need to Know

Repairing Crumbling Asphalt: What You Need to Know


Many people are familiar with the sight of crumbling asphalt, but may not understand the underlying issues that can cause it. Asphalt is a reliable and popular material used for paving driveways, walkways, and even parking lots. In order to ensure that your asphalt remains in good condition, it is important to understand what causes it to crumble and how you can repair it.

What Causes Crumbling Asphalt?

The most common cause of crumbling asphalt is water damage. Asphalt is composed of oil and stone aggregate, as well as other materials like sand or gravel. When water gets into the spaces between these materials, it weakens the bond between them and causes them to break down over time. If left unchecked, this breakdown will eventually lead to cracking or crumbling in the asphalt surface.

Another issue that can lead to crumbling asphalt is poor installation. If an installer does not take the time to properly lay down and compact the asphalt mix during installation, it can create pockets where water can get in and cause further erosion over time. Additionally, if there are any air bubbles within the mix when it is poured out onto the surface, they will expand when heated by sunlight and cause further cracks or breaks in the surface.

Repairing Crumbling Asphalt

If you have noticed some signs of deterioration in your asphalt surface such as cracking or crumbling, you should contact a professional for repairs as soon as possible. A professional contractor will be able to assess your pavement’s condition and determine what needs to be done for repairs. Depending on how extensive the damage is, they may need to replace certain sections of your pavement or apply a sealcoat to protect from further wear and tear.


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