A Step by Step Guide to Cutting Asphalt

A Step by Step Guide to Cutting Asphalt

A Step by Step Guide to Cutting Asphalt


Cutting asphalt is a critical process that requires expertise and the right tools. Whether you are looking to repair your driveway or install new infrastructure, it is essential to have a basic understanding of the process involved in asphalt cutting. In this post, we will discuss the steps that should be followed when cutting asphalt to assist you in making an informed decision when hiring professionals for your sealcoating needs.


The first step in cutting asphalt is to prepare the surface. Clear the surface of all debris, dirt, and vegetation. Ensure that the area to be cut is dry and free of any obstructions. Mark the area to be cut with chalk or paint to ensure precision and accuracy during the cutting process.

Before cutting, you must evaluate the type and condition of the asphalt surface. This is necessary to determine the type and size of saw required for the job, the blade type, and the blade's depth. Only a qualified professional with the correct equipment should handle these tasks.

The third step is to choose the correct saw blade. The type of blade you select will depend on the type of asphalt you are cutting, its thickness and the project goal. For example, a diamond blade is suitable for concrete surfaces, while a carbide tipped blade is appropriate for cutting asphalt.

Once the blade had been selected, it should be mounted and aligned to ensure precision and safety during the cutting process. Blades should be inspected for any wear and damage before mounting to prevent blade failure and injury.

The actual cutting process involves making a series of passes to achieve the appropriate depth and shape for the project. The operator must ensure that the saw maintains a constant speed and a suitable cutting depth is achieved evenly across the surface. A proper cutting process should minimize the amount of debris produced so that nearby areas do not get contaminated.



Cutting asphalt requires expertise and the right tools to achieve a precise and safe result. As a consumer, it is important to engage professionals with the right qualifications, experience and equipment to ensure that your project is executed effectively. Choose Florida Sealcoating for all your asphalt cutting and sealcoating needs in Orlando. Request a free estimate today and experience quality workmanship that you can trust.