Tips and Tricks in Using Parking Lot Letter Stencils

Tips and Tricks in Using Parking Lot Letter Stencils

Tips and Tricks in Using Parking Lot Letter Stencils

Parking lot striping has become more than just a way to give a neat look to your parking area. It has become a vital aspect of traffic safety, especially in heavily-trafficked areas, which includes parking lots. Installing a parking lot requires a lot of attention to detail, and using parking lot letter stencils is an essential step in the process. However, stenciling letters on the pavement is not as easy as it may seem, and if you do it wrong, it could result in a mount of issues. In this blog, we will be discussing some tips and tricks for using parking lot letter stencils. 

1. Choose the Right Stencil Size and Type

When purchasing stencils for your parking lot, make sure you opt for the appropriate size and type suitable for your needs. The size of the stencil should be large enough to match the size of the parking space. You may want to consider purchasing sets of large and small stencils as you would sometimes require both sizes to effectively mark the parking lot. The stencil types may include number stencils, letter stencils, or custom stencils made to meet your unique needs. 

2. Prepare the Surface

Prior to stenciling, ensure that the parking lot surface is smooth and clean. Make sure the area is free from debris, dirt, and grease. Then, use a power washer or pressure washer to blast the pavement surface and remove any loose debris, dirt, and other elements that may prevent the stencil from adhering properly.

3. Stencil Placement

Deciding where to start stenciling and the way you want to lay out the stencil is a crucial part of using parking lot letter stencils. For optimal results, start from the corners of the parking space, and then work your way towards the center. Use chalk or tape to mark out the corners and the center of the parking space. And if you are stenciling multiple parking spaces, maintain some consistency in terms of where the lettering is positioned.

4. Paint Application

Now is the time to apply paint into the stencil in a consistent and controlled manner. Use spray paint or regular paint, as per your choice, and make sure to apply a uniform and even coat across the surface of the stencil. You may also want to use a stencil roller instead of spraying, to ensure that the paint goes in the right place and does not bleed. 

5. Remove Stencil and Clean

Once the paint has dried, it’s time to remove the stencil, and voila – you have successfully marked your parking space. Allow the paint to fully dry before allowing any vehicles into the newly marked spaces. Lastly, ensure to clean the stencil by washing it with water and cloth before storing it away for future use.



Parking lot striping not only enhances the visual appeal of your parking area but also ensures the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Proper usage of parking lot letter stencils plays a crucial role in this process. We hope the tips and tricks outlined in this blog will guide you to creating a clean, neatly marked, and safe parking space with minimal effort. Contact Florida Sealcoating for professional parking lot striping services in Orlando, FL.